Evaluation of IQ options in the field of trading

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Evaluation of IQ options in the field of trading

If you are one of those who think about professionally trading in currencies, forex and stocks and do not know anything, this article is your way to wealth and dealing in the most windy markets in the world, the world of trading is a very exciting world and many imagine that you need wealth to start in, but with IQ Option you can Open a real account only, starting from $ 10 

IQ Option is considered one of the most famous and best trading brokers in the world, this broker always tries to make binary pairs trading accessible to everyone and IQ Option  works to provide high quality service with the lowest deposits and also the highest rates of return, which may reach 92% in the profitable deal and is distinguished by IQ Option   using trading platforms is famous for its professionalism and smoothness, as the trader can easily use that platform, even if he is a beginner in trading, you can literally trade more than 500 markets in one program.

In this article, we will have a deeper insight into the conditions and functions of an online broker. We will show you how to trade and answer the question “Is it worth investing money with this IQ Option company?”

IQ Option  was founded  in 2011 and quickly took off to become one of the best and strongest binary options companies in the world.

In 2013  IQ Option  won the award for the most innovative trading broker from the point of view of stock market professionals at the ShowFx World Conference,

It also won the award for the most reliable program in the stock market for the year 2014 and was also awarded the title of the most trusted binary options trading broker from MasterForex-V academy experts.

All these awards show that this company is one of the most successful companies in the field of trading, and you can rely on it to help you achieve success.

IQ Option is a fully regulated and licensed online broker in Europe that accepts international traders. Regulation is by CySEC (Cyprus) with License No. 247/14. The company is also registered in many different countries for financial transactions. IQ Option usesseparate European banks and client funds. So with the choice of IQ Option  , fraud can be excluded. And from our experience, it is 100% safe to invest money on the platform.

In addition, IQ Option Option is a member of the Global Investor Compensation Scheme. This means that clients’ funds are protected up to 20,000 euros.

Company facts:

  • Company regulated in Europe (CySEC license)
  • Registered in many countries for financial transactions
  • Segregated customer funds
  • Regulated payment methods
  • Funds protection up to 20,000 €

The most important details and features of IQ Option

Deposit at IQ Option :

The minimum deposit is $ 10 and the maximum is $ 1,000,000

Trading at IQ Option :

The minimum trade is $ 1 and the maximum is $ 5,000 per trade

What are the financial assets and products of IQ OPTION

You can trade over 500 different markets on the IQ Option platform . These include stocks, currencies, commodities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

You can also trade a range of very large markets,

From our experience, IQ Option is   regularly adding new markets to its platform. And to trade these markets, you can use different financial products, some of which we will discuss in this section.

IQ Option assets and financial products

IQ Option assets and financial products

Iq opt options:

IQ Option offers digital options and binary options for traders.

Binary options is the most popular financial product for a broker. You can trade more than 100 different markets such as stocks, forex and commodities with a very high return like 80-95 compared to other binary options brokers.

Typical Return of Binary Options in an iq Opt  (Sample Assets):

Euro / US dollar
Up to 100
Up to 95
British pound / US dollar
Up to 95
Up to 90
Up to 90

Forex in iq opt:

More than 60 different currency pairs are available on the iq opt platform. With very tight spreads and less than 1.0 pips in the EUR / USD contract. In addition, there is a leverage of up to 1: 1000.

Surprisingly, iq opt is one of the few brokers where you can change the leverage before each trade.

Typical margins and leverage in iq opt forex trading (sample assets):

It is spread from:
Max. Influence:
Euro / US dollar
0.4 points
0.8 points
British pound / US dollar
1.0 points
0.8 points
1.3 points

Stocks in the iq opt:

You can trade stocks in iq opt via Contracts for Difference (CFD). The maximum leverage of 1:20 is available. You can also easily invest in higher or lower prices with CFDs.

Stocks are available for international securities. Also, the spreads are low and you can take advantage of the large fluctuations we tell you in iq opt.

Encryption and Bitcoin in iq Opt:

Since 2017, Bitcoin cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity due to rapid price changes. You can trade these assets via CFDs and invest in high or low cryptocurrencies at iq opt. More than 20 different assets are available and you can use massive leverage of up to 1: 100.

 And the company has added one of the most important products in the world and in the future, which is trading in electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other electronic currencies to give a wide range of freedom for stores to choose what suits him and his strategy to trade, so the company provided the stores whether he preferred trading in binary options Or forex or electronic currencies, so IQ Opt prefers to be a leader in the global financial markets without leaving any opportunity for another competitor.

Typical spreads and leverage on cryptocurrencies in iq opt (samples of assets):

It is spread from:
Max. Influence:
You see

Basic commodities in iq opt:

Trade on iq optic commodities such as gold, silver, platinum and crude oil with maximum pressure up to 1:20.

Boxes in an iq opt:

This is a good way to build a portfolio with a lot of different assets. The ETF is an exchange-traded fund. In this fund, there are different assets and markets included. You can trade over 25 different mutual funds on the IQ Option platform with a maximum leverage of 1: 5.


The offers and negotiable tools at iq opt always depend on your country of residence

Open your free account and trade with the best terms on the iq opt 

(Risk Warning: 74 – 89% of retail trade accounts lose money)

Review of the IQ OPTION trading platform

Trading platform:

Which got the best trading platform for two years in a row and its format is as follows:

For computers

It Provides IQ Option and unique professional trading platform for traders. This platform is available for any device such as a computer or a smartphone. In our experience, the IQ Option trading platform is one of the best software programs for traders. IQ opt is constantly adding new features to the program and trying to improve clients’ trading experience.

Mobile trading (application)

As traders, we have also tested the app for mobile trading. You will get a very good experience with it because it works smoothly and without interruption. Similar to a computer or web-based platform you will get access to all markets and financial products. Mobile trading nowadays is very important because the markets are operating around the clock, and you can check them with your mobile phone.

You can use the same tools as on your computer for chart analysis and trading. The app is available for Android and Apple (iOS) devices. Just click on the button below and download the mobile app for free.

Mobile trading (app) is available for traders

Download the IQ Option app for free

(Risk Warning: 74 – 89% of retail trade accounts lose money)

In the next section, we will give you a better overview of the trading platform and what you can do with it. As professional traders we recommend using a free demo account with IQ Option to get a good first impression of yourself.

Basic facts of the IQ Option trading platform :

  • Customizable and easy to use
  • Multiple charts
  • Available for any device
  • Integrated support center and chat
  • News calendar for economic events
  • Free and customizable tools and indicators
  • Easy to use and sees transparent of trading fees and terms

Professional charting analysis and tools for IQ OPT traders

If you want to successfully trade the markets, you need some type of analysis. Most traders split technical analysis and fundamental analysis. From our experience, we can say that a combination of these two types of analysis can bring you huge profits.

The IQ OPT trading software comes with lots of different tools and indicators for your market analysis. It is easy to implement them in your chart. Also, you can customize it as you like and change the timeframe or other settings. It is possible to devise a trading strategy with only indicators to achieve great success. But you should try it on demo account first.

Besides, IQ OPT is trying to constantly add new tools and indicators to the platform. They are completely free to use and you can save various settings as a template to duplicate them on different charts. In conclusion, the IQ Option trading platform is one of the best day trading or long-term investments. You can get a lot of professional tools for your trading ideas and they are easy to use.

Facts about chart analysis:

  • Free indicators
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable as you like
  • Use tools and widgets such as the direction of trading from other traders
  • Develop special strategies with tools

Trade times:

7/24 where you can trade throughout the week, as after the closing of the global markets, which starts from Monday to Friday, the company provides currencies on Saturday and Sunday as well for trading in foreign currency pairs, which are called OTC.

Invest in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and more) with the smart option

Many traders are interested in trading cryptocurrencies with IQ OPT.  In fact, you can trade over 20 different crypto markets (picture below). For investments, there is leverage available and you can hold your trade for as long as you want. The maximum leverage on Bitcoin is 1: 100. In our opinion, this is a very high leverage.

These cryptocurrencies are traded by CFD. IQ opt themselves is to hedge positions on real crypto exchanges. For trading, you only pay the spread fee if you open or close a position. You can see a transparent spread in the program. For higher leveraged products, the spread will be smaller. Another advantage is that you can easily shorten any crypto market you want. So it is possible to make money with lower prices.

Facts about trading crypto with IQ Option:

  • Over 20 different markets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Utah, and more)
  • Investing in higher or lower prices
  • Leverage is available up to 1: 100
  • Competitive spreads and fees

Types of accounts:

Let the account of the ancestor

Iq Opt  Demo Account:

It is a $ 10,000 demo account to try out the IQ Option platform and trade, and this account is free and has no restrictions or conditions and has no specific time, and if you lose this trial amount, you can recharge it again without any conditions, which is one of the best features of this company from the rest of the other companies for binary options.

Iq opt real account:

It is an account that requires a minimum deposit of only $ 10, so as soon as you make a deposit of $ 10, your account will be transferred to the real IQ Option  account

And you can genuinely trade in the assets available at IQ Option .

Iq opt elite VIP account:

It is the royal account, as some call it, and requires a total deposit of $ 3,000

In other words, if your total deposits in your account history are equivalent to an amount of $ 3000, your IQ Option  account will be converted into a VIP account, which is characterized by the appointment of a special account manager for you, company books and special technical support for the account.

More importantly, the increase in the rate of return, which may reach 95% in some assets, as well as withdrawing funds only in two working hours instead of 3 working days.

Account currencies:

You can deal in an IQ Opt account in Euro, Pound Sterling, Russian Ruble, US Dollar

IQ Option deposit and withdrawal methods :

IQ Option  deals with more than one method, which makes it the easiest to deal with in banking: Visa Card, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Vasabay, CashU, Qiwi, bank transfer, Bitcoin.

Withdrawal and deposit speed of iq opt:

What distinguishes iq opt from other companies is the speed of deposits and withdrawals,

Where the deposit is made temporarily once the deposit is made and with regard to the withdrawal, if the trading account is normal, the withdrawal is made within 3 working days and for an experience, the withdrawal does not exceed one working day and at most one and a half days, and if the trading account is VIP, the withdrawal is made within two working hours and about my own experience It did not exceed an hour once the withdrawal request was submitted. There are no fees for withdrawing and depositing, except for bank transfer.

Step-by-step: How to open your account

Many traders ask how to open an account with an online broker? – It’s very simple nowadays.  In the past, it was literally difficult to access the financial markets.

To get an IQ Option account , you only need your real email address and password first (you can sign up through the form below). After that, you can have direct access to the trading platform. Demo and real accounts are available for you. It is possible to make the first deposit but we do not recommend that.

Your account must be verified for up to 100. IQ opt will help you with a detailed tutorial through verification. As a Forex broker regulator IQ Option has to verify your identity and address. Compensation cannot be paid if you are not verified to 100. In conclusion, you must do full verification before you make your first deposit.

Open your account step-by-step (it only takes less than 10 minutes):

  1. Register in the above form
  2. Get direct access to the trading platform
  3. Verify your email address
  4. Verify your identity and address
  5. Start trading in an iq opt

Review of IQ Option deposit and withdrawal methods

As a reliable and trusted CFD broker IQ Option clearly withdraw all the profits of the traders.  Every day they pay millions of USD to their clients. For this, the broker uses only regulated payment methods.

Traders can choose between electronic or classic payment methods. Some deposits are made instantly through electronic wallets. You can use credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, internet banking, Bitcoin, or classic bank transfer for your deposit or withdrawal.

IQ Option professionally handles client funds and is stored in a European bank. For depositing and withdrawing IQ Option you do not charge any fees for your transaction. This is a huge advantage compared to other brokers. Sometimes it can happen that your payment system is charging some fees.

In conclusion, deposits and withdrawals are made very quickly with IQ Option. There are regulated payment methods and there are no fees or small fees for your payment methods. In all, we can recommend it to invest your money there.

Facts about the payments:

  • Minimum deposit of $ 10
  • There is no minimum withdrawal amount
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • IQ Option does not charge any fees (except for manual wire transfer)
  • Use credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, Qiwi, and more e-wallets


Payment methods depend on your country of residence

Customer support for traders

One unique service from IQ Option is the 24/7 customer support for traders.  At any time around the clock you can contact an IQ Option expert or write them via chat. Customer support is offered as email, chat, and phone support. For example, VIP traders get their own account support manager.

Support is available as the trading platform in various languages. IQ Option has acquired international subsidiaries and they are expanding their business. Trading lessons are offered for beginners. You can read market information for each asset that you want to trade. In addition, there is a news calendar for forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.

In all, the support works very professionally. With our tests, it responds very quickly and will get your questions answered.

Facts about support:

  • Support 24/7 around the clock
  • Support in different languages
  • Email, chat and phone
  • VIP account managers
  • Over 200 educational videos available
  • Market information and news for assets

Countries accepted for the iq opt 

IQ Option is an international company and accepts traders globally.  But by regulation, some financial products are not available to any merchants. IQ Option is regulated in the European Union but European traders can only trade with a maximum leverage of 1:30 as retail traders. Also, binary options are prohibited for retail traders. Only as a professional trader can you trade binary options and get high leverage.

Broker accepts clients from Asia, Africa and Europe. The most popular countries for IQ Option are Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, France, South Africa, India, China, the United Kingdom, and more.

These countries are not accepted:  Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, North Korea, Palestine, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, and the United States of America.

Conclusion: Is IQ Option a legitimate online broker or not? – We think, yeah!

From our experience and tests, IQ Option is a trusted company for trading financial products.  It is a fully legal and regulated online broker that allows you to invest in the financial markets. The facts in our review show that you have found the right place if you are looking for a reliable broker.

IQ Options is one of the best trading platforms for online trading. The platform is user friendly and easy to use. Moreover, professional and advanced merchants are welcome. The biggest advantages of this broker are the small minimum deposit, customizable platform, and good trading conditions. Compared to other binary brokers, IQ opt offers the highest return of 95%.


Advantages of IQ Option:

  • European regulated company
  • Free and unlimited demo account
  • The minimum deposit is $ 10 and the minimum trade amount is $ 1
  • More than 500 different markets
  • Binary options, digital options, forex, CFDs, crypto, stocks, and more assets
  • Very good and reliable trading platform



IQ Option is a well-known and high reputed online store which offers a variety of quality products with a diverse product portfolio. IQ Option is delivering quality services & products and has established a strong brand name in the industry with continuous growth in customer base and market share. IQ Option has a wide experience in delivering persistent quality services and products which ensure customer satisfaction and helps in building a strong relationship with its customers.

Moreover they have an attractive and easy to use user interface for shopping with secure and safe payments method. It also offers extra fast delivery services to its clients. As we all know quality always has a high price but IQ Option provides amazing IQ Option discounts on high-quality products, so the customers can enjoy the same premium quality product at an affordable price.

IQ Option strives to enhance the customer shopping experience by providing different incentives like, membership cards and free IQ Optioncoupons to its regular and loyal customers and also offer IQ Option promo codes for the promotion of products and brands. These promo codes let customers avail larger discounts on different products.

It offers seasonal and occasional sales on events like Christmas, New Year, Independence day sale with high IQ Option discounts on bulk purchases and amazing deals and sales offers to enhance the enjoyment of your celebrations and events.

IQ Option online website also provides a platform to customers to contact the management and customer support Center to deliver their feedback regarding products or services and also if you’re having a problem or issue, you can directly contact the 24/7 active support centre to get your queries resolved.


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