Fiverr Business helps teams manage freelance projects in French language

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Fiverr Business is an online marketplace and freelancing platform. Fiverr Business differs from other freelance platforms – like the Fiverr marketplace – by vetting freelancers and introducing collaboration tools. now available for in French language

The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, but Freelancers are using the platform are based all over the world.

Fiverr site

What is Fiverr

Site Fifer Fiverr is a marketplace for services on the Web freelancer, any Internet user may be looking for multi-site Lancer to create an account on the Fifer site and purchase or offer their services.

It is a global e-commerce site that provides tasks and services for $ 5 and its multiples.

And from it the English name of the site is derived. Self-employed people represent the main segment of website users serving customers from all over the world, including Turkey. The site currently includes more than 3 million services for $ 5 or its multiples

 Fiverr looks like amazone site for product trading, trading . Just as Amazon is the largest online store for products, Fiverr is the largest online store for services in the world.

In fact, those responsible for Fiverr   do not provide any services to others, but Fiverr is a tool, marketplace, or platform for connecting service providers and those who want to purchase those services.

Fiverr’s role is to provide a platform for bringing the two parties together because the site is a mediator between the parties, this platform includes a control panel for managing services or purchase requests, and Fiverr is also the service provider and the service applicant.

Fiverr also provides an overview of different service providers allowing service seekers in Turkey to choose based on the price and quality of the service .

Fiverr is a broker that regulates this huge market of services and only charges 20% commission for every successful purchase. It is worth noting here that the commission received by Fiverr is deducted from the service provider and the Fiverr site is visited each month by about 40 million users who want to buy or between service providers.

How Fiverr Business Works

The front end of Fiverr Business works a lot like the Fiverr marketplace and other freelancing platforms. You can browse sellers, ask them any questions you have, and choose the right freelancer for the tasks you want to outsource.

Once you’ve found a freelancer to work with, you can use the suite of collaboration tools Fiverr Business makes available.

This includes inviting your other team members into the workflow, all managed through their dashboard. You can also manage your projects, communications, budgets, and more through the platform.

Fiverr Business works in English, Urdu, Bengali, Spanish, Hindi, French, Filipino, German, Arabic, Jamaican Patois, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Italian, Swahili, Portuguese, Punjabi, Tagalog, Nigerian, Tamil, Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Greek, Japanese, Hungarian, Serbian, Vietnamese, Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Georgian, Haitian Creole, Malay, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Somali, Thai, Dari, Hebrew, Latin and Slovak!

How does the Freelancer site Fiverr work?

In this section we will show you the outline on which site Fifer constitutes the work of the system or system that manages to provide Alfrelansr services , buying and selling services Fifer ,

I’ll cover how Fiverr works based on a set of information about the buyer or service applicant and another set of information about the vendor or service provider, and then briefly cover the steps on how the service is provided on Fiverr.

First, a set of buyer information about the Fiverr Receiver

  • To purchase Fifer fiverr services from the  Trkiyaali site , you must first: have an account on the site and this account will allow you to manage the purchasing process and communication with vendors and service providers, as well as payment management.
  • There is a communication system between sellers and buyers, which allows you to communicate with service providers to ask questions or learn more about their services or to provide them with the skills to perform the required task before purchasing.
  • As a buyer, you can browse the services as you wish and see the title and description of each service provided, the number of previous purchases, and the previous customers’ rating that helps you validate the quality of the service.
  • There is an advanced system to search services by general and subclassifications, and it can view results by language, price, rating … etc. You can also filter by many factors, including
  • You can purchase services from Pfeiffer fiverr with a PayPal account or credit card .

To create a Fiverr buyer account

 Visit the Fiverr homepage via the link below, then enter your email and continue with the steps:

For buyers and sellers, how to register on Fiverr from Turkey and the creation of Gig.

Second: A series of information about the seller on Fiverr (Seller)

Self-employment site

  • To start selling on Fiverr, you must create an account on the site and, in addition, set up your Concerts.
  • Fiverr allows you to create 7 Gigs as a new seller and this number may increase according to your rank on the site.
  • Every seller on Fiverr has a rank and this rank is determined by that seller’s history on the site and the level of buyers rating.
  • After the successful completion of the sale, Fiverr suspends the amount owed to you as the seller for 14 days, then you can withdraw according to your preferred payment method.
  • You can get this money on Fiverr via PayPal or your local bank account.
  • After each successful sale, the buyer evaluates your service based on the degree of satisfaction he gets from your business.

To create a seller account on Fiverr, visit the link below:

Or follow the explanation in the article with the link below:

Explains how to register on Fiverr and create Gig for Buyers and Sellers

Third, how does Fiverr work according to the steps of the sales process or service application?

  1. The service viewer creates an account on Fiverr and sets the account data and generates the job it wants to serve.
  2. The person applying for the service creates an account to purchase a particular service.
  3. The buyer browses the Concerts that provide the service and video editing they want.
  4. The buyer chooses one of the services and pays the service fee to the Fiverr site.
  5. The buyer contacts the seller to explain the details they want and sends the video file they want to edit.
  6. The seller fulfills the service.
  7. The buyer receives the service and notifies the site through the control panel that he has received the service and evaluates the seller.
  8. Fiverr sends the service amount to the seller after keeping the 20% commission.
  9. After 14 days, the seller can withdraw the amount according to the payment method he wants.

What services can you buy / sell on Fiverr?

As previously mentioned, Fiverr largest market for services on the Internet is the place and this service can be everything you dreamed of. The idea is based on the following:

“As long as you have something that you can offer as a service to others and someone wants to buy that thing, you can profit and achieve success through Fiverr.”

Actually, this does not mean that Fiverr is a random site and does not have a system and idea to organize services and place them in certain categories. There are eight main classifications on Fiverr that all services fall under, and a new classification has recently been added to make those classifications 9 classifications. Each of the 9 classifications falls under several, multiple subclassifications of their most specialized.

Here is an explanation of the 9 main rankings on Fiverr:

1- Graphics and Design

And inside you will find all services for graphics, photos, designs and infographics. This section has the largest number of subsections.

Graphic design

design logo

Branding style guides

Game art

Signage graphics

Business cards and stationery


Pattern design

Cover design

Brochure design

Poster design

Signage design

Flyer design

Book design

Album Cover Design

Podcast cover art

Website design

Application design

UX design

Landing page design

Social media design

Email design

Icon design

AR filters and lenses

Catalog design

Design an invitation


Comics and comics

Tattoo design

Web banners

Photoshop editing

Architecture and interior design

Landscape design

Building Information Modeling

Character modeling

Industrial and product design

Trade kiosk design

Fashion design

Shirts and merchandise

Jewelry design

Presentation design

Infographic design

Design resume


Car covers

Menu design

Postcard design

Vector Tracking

Twitch Store

2- Digital Marketing

However, you will find all services for digital marketing such as:

Digital marketing

Social media marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social media ads

Public relations

Content marketing

Podcast marketing

Video Marketing

Email marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Ad display

marketing strategy

Internet analysis

Marketing of books and e-books

Influencing Marketing

Community management

Yerel SEO

E-commerce marketing

Affiliate marketing

Mobile application marketing

Promote music

Web traffic

Text message marketing

3- Writing and Translation

This includes all languages ​​of the world and all services related to translation and writing from those languages, such as:

Writing and translation

Blog posts and posts


Correction and Editing

Site content

Writing books and e-books

Brand voice and style

UX yazma

Writing a resume

Cover letters

Technical writing

LinkedIn profiles

White papers

Writing a podcast

Case studies

Social Media Copies

Ad text

Sales copy

Press releases

Product description

Write a script

Organize the book

Email copy

Writing speeches

Trade names and logos

Creative Writing

E-learning content development

Read the beta

Writing scholarships


Legal writing

Research and summaries

4- Video and Animation

And inside you will find all the services to design and edit all kinds of videos, such as:

Video and animation

Blackboard and animated translators

video editing

Short video ads

Animated GIF images

Logo animation

Entries and endings

Application and site previews

Remarks for direct action

Animation of the character

3D product animation

E-commerce product videos

Lottie & Website Animation

Videos of the speakers

Unboxing Video

Lyrics, Music and Videos

E-learning video production

Translation and annotations

Visual effects

Children’s cartoons

Video slideshow

Drone videografisi

Video recordings

Trailers game

Book trailers

Animation for posters

The article in the video

Real estate offers

Product photography

Local photography

5- Music and Sound

And inside you will find all services for recording and editing audio files and background music, such as:

Music and sound


Confusion and ingenuity

Producers and Composers

Singers and singers

Session Musicians

Online music lessons



Organize podcasts

Audiobook production

Auditory advertising production

Sound design

Edit dialog

Convert music to text

Adjust the sound

Hymns and introductions

DJ drops and tags

Created by

Rearrangement and rearrangement

Preset setting

Meditation music

6- Programming and Technology

This includes programming, computer-related services, and all modern technology-related services such as:

Programming and technology


Website builders and CMS

E-commerce development

Game development

Streamer development

Mobile apps

Web programming

Desktop apps

Online coding lessons

Chat robots

Cyber ​​security and data protection

Support him

Convert files

User test

7- Business

It includes all money and business related services such as:

Fiverr site

Assistant Default

e – commerce management

customer service


business plans search

HR consulting

legal consulting

financial consulting

business consulting


Procurement Management game guide lead


design concept

and functional project management of brochure distribution


8- Lifestyle

This includes all services for human life and includes the following subsections… Online education

Astrology and Psychology

Modeling and

Acting Fitness

classes Dance classes

Life education

Greeting cards and videos

Personal stylists


classes Craft classes

Arts and crafts

Health and nutrition and fitness

Family and genealogy

Your message …



9- Game

This is the newly added section for services related to digital games and inside you will find services to create, design, test and design special effects … etc.

10- A new chapter on this data 

This section helps you deal with data and databases, data

analytics, data


information visualization,

data science, data


Why is Fiverr a true treasure trove of sellers and buyers in Lebanon?

While this is largely obvious from what we’ve mentioned above, I’ll explain here that Fiverr is a true treasure trove for both sellers and buyers.

If you don’t have a service to offer on Fiverr or you don’t need a service, you can still earn money from Fiverr by marketing it after signing up with the Fiverr affiliate and thus you ‘ll receive a fee for every transaction from you.

Fiverr Affiliates

Pfeiffer offers an opportunity for every young person who wants to make a living with their skills in Turkey.

The great thing about these days, and that is, after the Corona epidemic, the world is speeding up, you can easily learn everything online and whenever you want, and that’s really negligible amounts and in most cases you can learn completely. free. So if you don’t have this feature or skill on Fiverr that you can turn into a service, there’s nothing wrong with it, find out now.

learn from fiverr


Finally, you can count on the great courses provided by the Fiverr site itself, which you can access via the link  .

The most important advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr

In this section, I will mention a small group of the most important features of the Fiverr site and another small group of the most important flaws:

First, the freelance site is Fiverr’s major drawback

In fact, I do not personally call the following points flaws, but thanks to my extensive research and exposure in the previous days, I was able to get the most important points that increased the bookings of some Pfeiffer users, which I will show you. with impartiality, but I will add my personal opinion on this:

The 20% commission held by Pfeiffer is relatively large.

As a freelance seller within a month, if you serve a thousand dollars, you will only get $ 800 in the end, and the other $ 200 will get Fiverr as a commission.

I agree that 20 percent can represent a large percentage, but you should remember that this corresponds to many things; The platform and support service to provide an opportunity to get a customer in the first place, protect you from fraud and organize everything in an easy and beautiful way.

The site is multilingual, but Arabic cannot be dealt with

Everything   you need on the Pfeiffer site is for you as a buyer Dqa price 

For example, if you want to design a freelance infographic for your site, you can get a good infographic for an average price of $ 15, but in case you want to get the source file, in the future, in this case you have to pay another $ 10.

Yes, that can add financial burdens, but with a bit of focus and the best fit of a freelancer, you can get what you need at a totally fair cost.

Second, the most important features of Fiverr

For me, the most important feature of Fiverr is that it offers an open and open system for the service trading process to the seller and the buyer, and above all, it is a transparent system and while there is manipulation by one of the parties, Fiverr has its own support service that gives everyone their right.

Increasing the number of users    as an instant advantage for the well-known fiverr site and everyone

As for  fiverr , for example, a buyer with a limited budget can reach new floods at a good price, because everything is new to that platform, it becomes  available and possible.

Also, as former professional vendors offer their services for exorbitant sums, the new seller may get a chance to start if they can compete on price.

This article was the opening of many other articles I intend to publish in the coming days, I tried to tell you what Fiverr is, how it works, and why it represents an opportunity, solution and treasure for every business owner. and anyone who wants to work on the Internet.

If you have suggestions or ideas about specific points that you would like me to cover in detail, or if you have specific articles to explain something about Fiverr, please feel free to write this in a comment below.

Fiverr Business Plans and Pricing
Fiverr Business operates on an annual membership model. You also have to pay the freelancer a fixed price per project.

The annual membership is priced at $149 per year. At the time of publishing, however, Fiverr Business is waiving that fee for the first year. That means you can sign up and start using the platform today for free.

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