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Odiggo Egypt is the first online auto parts store in Egypt

The word Odiggo Egypt means “drive your car and do not carry any of them” in Greek. Regarding the reason for the name, Omar said: “We chose an easy-to-pronounce name because our goal is to market outside Egypt as well, and we have already provided services in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Yemen.”

Odiggo Egypt is a website that connects the customer with approximately 160 suppliers and manufacturers of auto parts. Odiggo does not have a direct showroom or warehouse for goods. Its role is limited to contracting with suppliers and dealers and delivering spare parts to the customer in exchange for a commission on each sale.

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Odiggo Egypt offers more than one choice for the customer, so the customer can compare and choose what suits him through the “Odiggo” online store, and direct dealings between dealers and factories, and provide additional expenses such as services and labor, which makes Odiggo able to compete in price. clearly,

Odiggo Egypt works on delivering orders on the same day of order, and we provide after-sales services such as changing parts that have manufacturing defects.

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