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Travel insurance

Plans for one or more trips per year for those who spend time outside their home country.

Coating options

International travel medical insurance is required when leaving your home country, and our one-time trip (7 to 365 days, renewable) can provide the global health insurance you need for your seasonal travel.

It includes 12 months of INC membership  , more details here

Technology-based safety, reliability and comfort

By purchasing a travel insurance policy, you get 12 months of INC membership by  insured nomads  born and managed by our  Juvo innovation laboratory . It is accessed through our app, which provides you with a carefully curated set of features, services and benefits, including GPS-enabled SOS / Panic Button Response, Wellbeing Counseling and Support, Cybersecurity (VPN and Security), Telemedicine, Global Location Intelligence, Alerts travel. , adherence to duty of care, airport lounge access and exclusive worldwide perks.Our team travels with you to provide safety, service and support, and to provide policyholders with the ability to live and work anywhere in the world.

Frequently asked Questions

The insurance policy is signed by  HDI Specialty , a global superpower. Policy and claims management is carefully managed by the  PCU  (Point Comfort Underwriters).

Benefits  of membership in the  INC by Insured Nomads included and do not depend on the insurance policy.
More details here.

Is COVID-19 covered? 
Yes,  in any country  with a  travel advisory status of 3 or lower with the US Department of State, up to the medical maximum set by the policy. The policy does not apply to  quarantine  due to the publication of test results for COVID-19. The policy is still valid for all non-COVID claims as long as the country you are in is Level 4. Check the US Department of State Travel Advisory Status status,  click here .
How claims are processed
As soon as you find out that you are ill / injured, contact either via   the juvo app , global health care telephone numbers, or email.  
All claims must be made within 60 days of the date the costs were incurred. If you are hospitalized and time permits, payment is made directly to the facility / hospital. If it is outpatient, then usually the payment method is reimbursement.
Can I Appeal a Decision on a Rejected Claim?
Yes. You can appeal your denied claim within 90 days from the date your claim was denied. Appeals must be filed by email or in writing with full details of the reason for the appeal and all supporting documentation.
How can I find a property online in the USA?
You can browse / search the network of providers at  this link.
Where can I see the list of exceptions and the full policy statement?
You should always refer to your Certificate for a complete list of exclusions. You can access your certificate on the PCyou personal portal at from your desktop computer or most mobile devices. You also received a copy by email at the time of purchase.
Where can I find out more about the INC app?
Find out more about   the INC app here. Travel policies purchased after June 8th receive  INC  within 12 months of the date your policy starts. INC by Insured Nomads  is a membership that includes crisis response, relief, police / terrorism / disaster evacuation, telemedicine, wellness / counseling, and more.

Additional policy information

To view the main policy certificate, click the appropriate link: Annual Multiple Travel Insurance or Travel Insurance.

 about non-insurance benefits for safety and well-being. It’s time to get more out of your purchase than an insurance policy in a world that offers more options than illness or injury.


about insured nomads

Insured nomads exist to provide peace of mind, well-being and protection. Our team wants to see you further, stronger and  in good company .

Coverage for the physical and mental health of a remote worker and new nomad has required changes over the decades. Our globally distributed and remote style was born in the fall of 2019 by both industry experts and technology professionals. Insured Nomads is committed to providing remote workers the ability to live, work and play around the world safely and intelligently.

Technology and innovation
As a preeminent specialist in global benefits insurance, we have reimagined how insurance products and support should be provided. Through artificial intelligence, cloud services and unique technology integration, we are able to deliver digital and social services that serve both teleworkers and their smart devices.

Our diverse and multicultural team brings together professionals in risk, medicine, technology, travel, design, safety and innovation representing more than a century of shared wisdom focused on you. We each have a passion for generosity that you can experience as one of our cherished insured nomads.


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