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Harvey Nichols is a name known throughout the department store world, and in terms of notoriety, their online shopping site is no different. Wanting to make luxury designer labels accessible to every shopper, the site has curated a vast array of items from hundreds of brands, as well as items more suitable for everyday use. Their selection includes items for men’s and women’s fashion, food, beauty products and wine.

Harvey Nichols,  derived directly from the exclusive and fashionable areas of London,  is considered one of the best department stores in the fashion arena. After they entered the online shopping market, they started catering to the fashion needs of people from all over the world, especially those who want the best luxury items.

If you can imagine the immensity of the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge flagship store, you will understand how huge their online collection is. The site features well-known brands of various exclusive brands such as Valentino, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Versace.

You don’t have to jump from one online store to another when you also come across their website as they offer a variety of items ranging from clothing to bags, from shoes to accessories, from sportswear to beauty items and from food to wine. Harvey Nichols just has it all.

Harvey Nichols was loved by fans of regular department stores, but after they went online, they had a lot of negative impressions. From a lack of a firm return policy to poor customer support, it looks like the website still has a lot to improve to make online shopping a seamless and hassle-free experience for its customers.

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Meet Harvey Nichols

While the department store has everything you could possibly need, shopping can sometimes have more to do with the overall experience you get on the premises than just the merchandise you end up bringing home. Take Britain’s luxury department store Harvey Nichols, for example.

If you’ve decided to pamper yourself out of business, head to the store to finally get the product you’ve always had your eye on, pause through the sections to see if there is anything good that might be lurking, and walk out feeling happy. … and satisfied. Even if you have a product on hand, the feeling of leaving the store can also be attributed to its general atmosphere. This is an experience.

And, of course, Harvey Nichols is “the place to be” as he calls himself, because it offers a first-class fashion experience. There is a selection designed for people with special needs, especially the exclusive and generous. What’s best about this is that, whatever one may say, the department store doesn’t require a membership. You can get in and out as you please, and bring along fun worth remembering.

Harvey Nichols in fashionable Knightsbridge is also the first luxury store. It was founded in 1831 by Benjamin Harvey, originally as a linen store, which soon expanded to neighboring estates. The other half of the store’s name came from James Nichols, whom Harvey hired in 1841 and married through Harvey’s niece, Ann Beale. When Harvey died in 1850, he turned over the business to his wife Anna, who soon became a partner in Nichols, who had already become a manager.

Although Harvey Nichols lived in Knightsbridge from the start, the red brick building he is known today was built decades later. CQ Stephens was in charge of its design and construction took place in batches from 1889 to 1894. At the turn of the century, Harvey Nichols changed address and became 109-125 Knightsbridge. When 1920 came,  Debenhams  acquired the store.

More and more offers over the years

A decade later in the new century, the department store became famous for its mixed collections, which was not usually practiced as stores preferred to divide their stores into departments. Clothes by designers  Max Mara  and  Nicole Farhi  were among those showcased by Harvey Nichols. Although most of the floors were devoted to fashion,  in 1975 Harvey Nichols opened a restaurant called  Harvey’s , which received a warm welcome from customers.

Ten years later, the store was bought by the  Burton Group . However, management did not last long enough, because by 1991, ownership of Harvey Nichols was transferred from the Burton Group to  Dickson Concepts , owned by Hong Kong businessman  Dixon Poon . The store has undergone a major makeover with architects from  Wickham & Associates  redesigning the fifth floor.

By 1992, Harvey Nichols had opened a new restaurant, cafe, market and bar in addition to the trendy collection on the lower floors. Operating even after the main store closed, the fifth floor has become synonymous with luxury living and fine dining. Harvey Nichols also ventured into beauty products at a later Liverpool store called the  Beauty Bazaar .

Meet Harvey Nichols in person

If you want to see Harvey Nichols, who is said to have been frequented by  Princess Diana  while she was still alive, you can do so even outside of his Knightsbridge location. After Poon bought it, Harvey Nichols went public and hoped to move outside London. Leeds was its first location after Knightsbridge in the UK, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was the site of the first international store.

There are currently seven stores in the UK and Ireland, five of which are large format. They can be found in London, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham, as well as in two relatively small stores in Dublin and Bristol. All UK shops have restaurants, cafes, beer and food markets. Harvey Nichols also runs OXO Tower Overseas, a restaurant, bar and brasserie in London.

There are also Harvey Nichols in Asia, including the very first in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, Hong Kong and Kuwait. There are two stores in Turkey, one in Ankara and the other in Istanbul.

Online shopping

The experience Harvey Nichols can provide to his client is not limited to the space of his physical stores. Since 2010, the department store has been hosting its collection online, which now accounts for 10 percent of its sales. Thanks to the partnership with  Borderfree, the store is delivered to many countries around the world.

As part of its efforts to explore technologies to improve the shopping experience, the UK department store also recently signed an agreement with online store  Farfetch . This is the first department store partnership for Farfetch, which already works with over 800 brands and boutiques around the world, but is still looking to add more partners. Meanwhile, Harvey Nichols sees this as an opportunity to increase online sales as well as promoting his clothing and accessories.

FAQ Harvey Nichols

Is Harvey Nichols a reliable company?

There are currently 0 customer reviews posted for Harvey Nichols. On average, they scored 10 out of 10, with 100% of reviewers indicating they would buy from that brand again.

What services or products does Harvey Nichols offer?

Harvey Nichols is mainly active in the online shopping category, specifically in fashion, cosmetics and personal care products.

I read all the reviews. Now what?

Have you received a positive feedback from the reviews? If so, you can place your order  with confidence on the Harvey Nichols website  . If not, you can find many other  brands  to read about on our website!

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