Cotton On Fashion Review

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Cotton On Fashion Review 

Cotton On is a leading Australian retailer renowned for its superior fashion apparel suitable for the stylish yet savvy shopper.

There is a certain appeal in European fashion megastores. I can’t seem to get into Topshop or H&M without serving my inner Kate Moss and spending tons of money on clothes that I usually can’t get out of the store. Cotton On, an Australian megastore relocated to Los Angeles, is no different. While it lacks the quirky glamor of stores like Topshop, it also lacks pretentious pricing and is a Mecca for everything from cotton basics and playful sundresses to sleepwear.

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While I like my wardrobe to be eclectic “Coco Chanel meets the feeling of a sugar plum fairy,” “Every wardrobe needs the basics. It is enough to look at the popularity of American Apparel basic clothing to understand that a T-shirt is not just a piece of fabric, but a vital necessity. Cotton On takes American Apparel’s everyday mindset and makes it accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy hipsters.

At Santa Monica Cotton On, I found leggings for $ 4 that can be paired with my Urban Outfitters tunics, and tight-fitting tops with ruffled sleeves that can be paired with ruffled skirts.

My jaw dropped when I discovered camel-colored ankle boots and patent-leather low heels for $ 10. (The Rubi shoe line is only available at the Santa Monica flagship store.) While the faux leather on the boots seemed thin, it seemed like a trivial complaint given the low price of the extremely versatile accessory, given the last pair of Camel I boots over $ 200.

Also, not everything in the store is ultra-basic. Lots of flowy dresses and skirts in bold floral prints pair perfectly with the effortless style that Los Angeles is renowned for. I also bought a pair of pink pajama pants with a print of cabbage roses and a satin bow for $ 10. Although the purchase was impulsive, it was too sweet to refuse.

This is a dangerous “what business” ?? the mindset is certainly used throughout the store. It looks like there are two-for-one trades all over the place, and the rack price starts at $ 2.

For a glamorous girl, lace ruffle panties that rival Victoria’s Secret style are only $ 7, come in a wide range of delicate colors, and show no signs of rupture. The gold aviators that I bought for $ 4 lasted all summer and still have a lovely metallic sheen.

There are several disadvantages to inexpensive Cotton On clothing. Most cotton fabrics do not pre-shrink and shrink a size or two after washing.

For example, I bought a simple sundress with a charming periwinkle print just to wash it and found that wearing it in public would lead to arrest for indecent exposure. The same warning goes for leggings, which can become transparent when washed well.

Shop “cardigans” ?? also about as thick as tissue paper and hardly strong enough even for a Californian winter. In addition to being fragile, they are also too thin to be coated without stretching to near transparency.

The age range of the line also seems unclear: “Some pieces are well tailored and sophisticated on the catwalks, while others seem outdated and more like a playground.

Like any discounted trendy mega-store, Cotton On does some well and some without enthusiasm. The consumer should be wise in their purchases and, if possible, avoid falling into the trap of buying anything in sight just because it is inexpensive.

Still, with a nice fashion head on your shoulders, it’s worth taking a close look at the Cotton On Hangers, especially when life in Westwood has convinced you that a $ 30 cotton T-shirt is the deal.


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