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Best For:  When you want to be treated well as a seller and have something unique to sell.

Unlike Amazon’s niche,  helps you find “everything but the usual” on their website, which means that you as a seller need to have something unique or cool if you want to be successful on this web. -site. You can’t just sell basic kitchen bowls – they have to have a unique pattern; Your furniture cannot be run-of-the-mill – it must have hidden storage spaces or stunning designs. If that sounds like what you have, Bonanza is probably for you.

Bonanza vs. eBay: From a seller’s point of view, it’s not all that much competition. Bonanza is known for being incredibly good at treating its sellers, while eBay is known for the opposite.

 Bonanza have been recommending selling on eBay for 5 consecutive years and intend to maintain their commitment to sellers.

Bonanza offers free classifieds, lower fees, and even has software that can import your ads from eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify if you’ve already opened a store elsewhere. If you want to get rid of the sales job and have a good relationship with their sales support team, then Bonanza is the right choice for you.

Bonanza has  earned a reputation as a solid and reliable eBay alternative. Its vendor-friendly policies have helped it become a semi-popular online marketplace. We prefer and recommend  eBay  as the best option because it has more buyer’s guarantees and a wider range of products.

We recommend buying only from sellers with reviews to minimize the risk of problems. You can buy with confidence as PayPal and Bonanza will help protect you in the event of a problem.

About Bonanza

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Founded in 2007, Bonanza has been able to add a wide variety of products to its customers. The products are carefully selected by hand, which makes them unique in their online store. Due to its method of buying and selling things, as well as good customer service, customers simply keep returning to the site in search of available treasures.

Below you will also find some additional saving tips and FAQs to help you make your purchasing decision.

Does Bonanza Market have registration promotions?

You can get exclusive coupons by subscribing to the Bonanza Market newsletter. You can also use features such as storing items and tracking sellers. Just look for the “Create an Account” box at the bottom of  this page  to register.

Does Bonanza Market have discounts and coupons?

Get up to 50% off when you buy items in the Bonanza Market  sales section . You can also browse over 7,000 coupons listed on this page for big savings!

Does Bonanza Market offer free gifts?

Add this page  to bookmarks,  to see products with additional benefits such as free shipping and discounts on the kits. 

Does Bonanza Market offer free shipping?

Free shipping is offered for some items. Just look for the “Free Shipping” tag in the lower-right corner of your product ad to check if your order is eligible. 

What is Bonanza Market’s return policy?

Sellers accept orders to return items damaged in transit. Refunds will usually be issued within 7 days of re-shipment. Shipping and other shipping charges are not covered by the refund. Please note that DVDs, underwear and computer software are non-returnable.

How can I contact Bonanza Market?

You need  to create an account  to receive personal assistance from one of the Bonanza Market agents. Alternatively, you can connect with them through his  Facebook Twitter  and  Instagram pages  .

A bit of history about Bonanza Market

Bonanza Market, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is an online marketplace for sellers and buyers of a wide range of products. He makes a profit by charging a certain amount every time a product is sold through his site. Bonanza Market currently has over 50,000 active sellers and nearly 20 million product names on its page. Products include fashion, health and skin care products, antiques, jewelry, consumer electronics, and more.


Bonanza has most of the items you’d like to buy, plus it has lower commission fees than eBay. As a buyer, you have the opportunity to place as many bids as you want on the item that is right for the best deal. Another positive point of Bonanza is the impeccable rating of the Better Business Bureau.


There are several types of scams and scams to  watch out for on . Our top tip is to check seller reviews before buying to see if you can trust the person you’re buying from.

Since many sellers do not have Bonanza reviews, we recommend buying items on  eBay,  where reviews and buyer protection are more reliable.

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