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AvaHost is a reliable and cost-effective web hosting provider. Although I’m not a fan of below-average performance guarantees, the resources and features offered in AvaHost’s plans make up for it.
Web Hosting AvaHost.Net

AvaHost has been successfully operating in the hosting market for  over 19 years since its founding in 2001 . For the first time, the company began to focus on the United States and other English-speaking countries. A year later, in 2002, the company opened new branches in other European countries and launched several other non-English language sites / brands. We provide reliable service and the best web hosting solutions for personal websites and small and medium businesses.
We currently have thousands of customers around the world.

We offer almost  all the main types of hosting packages  and related services: standard hosting (“virtual”
or “shared” hosting), reseller, VPS servers (VDS), VPS cloud servers, domain registration, website creation, promotion, etc. .

Our most popular package on Avahost.net  is  standard hosting (“virtual” or “shared” hosting) .
This is the most convenient for wallets and at the same time the simplest and most convenient type of hosting that we offer. This is when a single
server is configured to host multiple client accounts that share its resources.
Each client has its own (CPanel), through which he has full control over his hosting account.
As a bonus, all customers of our standard tariff plan have access to our simple and convenient “website designer”.

To improve our customer experience, we offer a choice of hosting in professional data centers  in various countries,  such as the  United States  (Charlotte, North Carolina) and  Europe  (London).
All data centers use our own enterprise-class server racks (Supermicro, Dell) and network equipment (Cisco).

About AvaHost on the Internet

From time to time, some ranking hosting sites, review sites, and payment processors provide “rewards” and “seals” to companies that meet certain requirements.

Budget hosting №1: www.cheap-web-hosting-review.com, 2008
Web Hosting Overview
№1 Budget Hosting 2011.
November 2008 - winner of the Reseller Hosting Award
Laureate of the Reseller Hosting Award –
November 2008
Awards from www.hostreview.com, November 2005 №1 in a fast-growing company
AvaHost – the fastest growing
company – November 2005
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News and Press Releases (AvaHost.net Web Hosting Industry)

  • AvaHost offers dual hosting packages for resellers
  • Web hosting provider AvaHost.Net is updating its VPS hosting service
  • Hosting AvaHost has introduced a new user-friendly website designer
  • AvaHost launches virtual private server / VPS hosting
  • AvaHost web hosting updates the hosting plans of resellers
  • Affiliate program with lifetime commissions from the hosting provider Avahost.net


Service maintenance customers Avahosts   working  around the clock, 7 days a week .
We will be happy to answer your questions through our ticket support system, live chat or email.
Our accounting department works 5 days a week on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00.
Contact: e-mail, online chat, system  programs that support the service
: Address Service Support : AvaHost, mailbox. 2353, Houston, Texas, 77074, USA, phone / fax: +1 (206) 350-91-89

10 discounts on any hosting order on Avahost.net


Company name:  AvaHost

Created:  2001

Location:  Houston, Texas, United States (mailbox)

BBB Accreditation:  No.

Market size:  > 600 sites (140 place in the HRank list)

Growth status:  (by number of sites) :  decreases

Avahost.com uses its  “enterprise-class rack server (Dell) and network equipment (Cisco)”  as in the data center USA and London, as well as “new” data centers in Ukraine and Russia (since 2008. ).

Offers and prices

Shared hosting plans
Name Domains Disk Capacity The minimum price Settlement period
Mini 1 0.5 GB Unlimited $ 1.5 1 month
Small 2 10 GB Unlimited $ 3.17 USA Wed 24
Standard 10 50 GB Unlimited $ 3.96 Wed 24
Business 50 Unlimited Unlimited $ 5.53 Wed 24
Premium Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $ 7.96 Wed 24

They currently have 5 shared hosting plans. It is one of the few suppliers that offer so much.

You can choose the following payment plans:  monthly and  6 months and  2 years .

The mini-  plan has a set monthly price of  $ 1.50. US  for each payment period (monthly, 3 and 6 months, 1 year).

All other plans are recommended to buy for  36 months  , as their prices are the cheapest (see table above).

Promotional prices for all tariffs (except  Mini ) are valid only for the initial period, it is better to check their availability directly on the website.

Avahost offers different hosting options:

  • General,
  • Trade intermediary,
  • and VPS servers.

In addition, they offer domain registration and assistance in creating and promoting websites.

It seems that they work on the principle of franchising and do not fully control the situation, so much so that visually identical (with translated texts) avahost.ua and avahost.ru talk about their office in Belize. So the reviews are different from “Excellent!” on “The site is a month, the support service does not answer either by phone or e-mail.”


Instant real-time technical support:  No.

Support is limited to email and customer support.

They do not have any physical address other than the mailbox number.

There is a chat on the site, but it is unclear how it works. We tried to contact him several times, the last time on Monday at 8:00 GMT. We waited half an hour, but there was no answer. Either they work in a different time zone, or they just don’t respond as we tried before, with the same result.

2018 Annual Report

  • HRank:  3.7№164  in 2018. Not the best results.
  • Most of the time of failure of suppliers was in the range of 99-100% during most of the monitoring period, but there were several 97%, 98% and ~ 70% of failure, which negatively affected the overall rating of the supplier.
  • Its response time was   on 600-700ms range closer to  700 ms  before the end of the year.
  • There is a very  clear downward trend in  both  websites  and  public IP addresses.




Avahost has stood the test of time, they have been in business for over 8 years. They may not be well known, but their offerings meet or outperform competitors. Avahost offers cheap web hosting at very competitive prices with many features!


Avahost specializes in shared hosting. However, they are equally good when registering domains and when placing with resellers. Over the years, thousands of businesses and individuals have felt Avahost’s commitment to reliability, speed and customer service. This is achieved through the use of high quality equipment, the latest software and qualified professionals in the hosting industry.

Usually their customers have very positive feedback. All this is supported by fast support, guaranteed uptime, industry-leading administration tools, reliable backups and good business ethics.

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