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Founded in 2003, Accu Web Hosting is an experienced US provider with a huge range of web hosting products and services.

There are shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, for instance. WordPress hosting and application hosting. cloud hosting, reseller hosting, load balancers, backup schemes, domain registration, SSL certificates and more.

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Accuwebhosting is a world-leading Specialized Windows VPS & VPS hosting Company. Additionally, advanced technology in terms of giving the best services to our customers and make their dreams ...
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What's more important than fast, reliable and secure web hosting? This is trust! Trusting us, you will forever get rid of the inconvenience, and we are sure that you will never be unhappy!

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting on SSD Drive


Incredibly fast and hassle-free. No PERIOD OF SALE!

WordPress hosting

High protection, full control and true power on pure solid state drives


Lightning fast, scalable and reliable VPS hosting


Low latency, uninterrupted, 24/7 Forex trading

Windows Hosting

Explore Shared Hosting, Reseller and VPS Hosting Options


Linux hosting

Ideal for hosting your websites on Wordpress and Magento.

Cloud hosting

Blazing Fast Hosting with LiteSpeed Web Server Our cloud hosting really improves hosting performance. Easily host your apps, websites, and store data in our highly available, fully managed and highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

  • Fixed cost public clouds
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • Starts with 10GB cloud storage
  • CPanel and WHM support
  • 1 Click Script Install like WordPress and Magento

Cloud VPS

We offer high availability virtual servers (VPS) for Linux and Windows as well as private clouds. All of this is managed by our experienced technicians and offered at the most competitive prices.

  • Fixed cost private clouds
  • Plan starts from 1 GB to 128 GB
  • Failure protection, no equipment downtime
  • Operating system range 36+
  • 1 Click Script Install like WordPress and Magento

Your best web hosting partner

This is the title.

# 1 in customer service

We pride ourselves on our unrelenting support and personal touch. Our goal is to "truly" get to know you, understand your requirements, and meet all of your hosting needs. Our tickets, live chats and REAL phone support will be answered in minutes and are all available 24/7/365.

Affiliate reward program

We enable all our partners to earn generous commissions. We provide all the tools you need to truly convert your existing traffic into sales. Check out our affiliate program.

Latest advances in technology

It is vital that our clients use the latest technology. Our infrastructure is based only on the best industry practices. Our offerings are based on technology, hardware and software that you can truly trust.

17 years of experience

We are a private company with no debt. We value loyalty, transparency and quality. This has enabled us to meet the needs of more than 101025 customers worldwide, and the number is growing.

 Battery Web Hosting 

Accu Web Hosting, founded in 2003, is an experienced US provider offering a wide range of web hosting products and services.

For example, there are shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. WordPress hosting and application hosting. cloud hosting, reseller hosting, load balancers, backup schemes, domain registrations, SSL certificates and more.

You are not limited to Linux products. Almost everything in this line is also available in a Windows version, albeit at a slight price premium.

Shared plans can be hosted in the US, Europe, Singapore, South Africa, India and Australia, and VPSs, and special plans add additional capabilities (Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, etc.).

Most of the products are easy to customize. Perhaps you need an unmanaged VPS? Control panel options include cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin, or the company can install free options like ISPConfig, Ajenti, or ZPanel. Do you need a dedicated server in the USA? Accu Web has so many options - hundreds - that the website uses eight separate filters to help you find what you need.

Accu Web Hosting's plans don't claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, but we don't see this as an issue. Limits are usually set very high; even the cheapest shared hosting plan includes 10GB of storage and 500GB of monthly bandwidth, which is probably enough for most consumer and many business websites. And in reality, all providers have limitations: they just hide them behind vague small print “fair use” clauses, ensuring that no one knows what they are.

The headline prices aren't the lowest, but they are very reasonable (shared hosting from $ 3.09 / month on a 3-year plan, VPS from $ 10 on an annual plan), and they often get better when you dig into the details (VPS plans are fully managed. eg.)

(When comparing prices, keep in mind that Accu Web does not offer introductory discounts, which makes it look a little more expensive than it actually is. This is bad if you are hoping to save tons of money by getting cheap hosting more than three or four years, but that's better than shorter plans as it means your costs won't double or more when you renew.

24/7 support is available via email, live chat, and phone (USA) if you run into problems and are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee (7 days for VPS plans).

Shared hosting

Accu Web shared hosting starts with its personal web hosting plan. This imposes various limits, but as we mentioned above, there is nothing that will affect the average small site: 10 GB of storage, 150 email accounts, and “just” 500 GB of traffic will be enough for many users. (Even with a bulky 5MB web page, that's 100,000 page views a month.)

Unusually, even this starter plan allows you to host as many websites as you need within your storage limit (most providers limit you to hosting a single site in their starter plan).

Elsewhere, the plan includes all the expected features: free SSL, cPanel site management, free domain, built-in website builder.

Prices range from $ 3.25 per month for a six-month plan (unfortunately no monthly billing) to $ 3.09 per month for three years. This is a good price, and as we mentioned above, keep in mind that this is a standard price and not some kind of special introductory offer. There will be no jumping for the extension.

There are two more shared hosting plans, but they essentially just give you more storage, email, and bandwidth, although the Enterprise plan (starting at $ 9.99 per month) also includes a dedicated IP address.

Shared cloud hosting offers a more scalable product, especially useful for websites that have large bursts of traffic on a regular basis. The specs are similar to regular generic plans, with prices starting at a reasonable $ 4.79 per month.

Some providers offer more attractive offers, at least at first glance. The HostGator Baby plan, for example, gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth from $ 2.75 per month.

However, look at the details, and that's another story. For example, "unlimited" HostGator does not mean "unlimited"; The Baby plan only allows one site, while the Accu Web plans do not have a fixed limit; and while the Baby plan looks cheap at $ 2.75, you have to subscribe for three years to get this deal, and it renews at $ 6.75, more than double the price of Accu Web.


Accu Web hosting plans for WordPress come with a wide range of features, including some positives. All plans support hosting an unlimited number of websites; the company imports one existing WordPress site for free; SEO and the performance-enhancing Hyper Cache plugin are preinstalled, and daily backups are added.

Advanced features include GIT-based version control and WP-CLI for command line management of WordPress, while a staging version allows you to edit your WordPress project without affecting the production site.

Pricing is virtually the same as regular Accu Web Shared Hosting, starting at $ 3.49 per month for three years for 10GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth.

There are plans for a more efficient managed WordPress. Bluehost and IONOS WordPress Pro plans support automatic plugin updates as well as WordPress itself, for example.

But these more expensive products can also cost 2, 3 or more times more than Accu Web's offerings. If you're starting out with WordPress and aren't building a business-critical site, it makes sense to start with a budget product and upgrade later if you find you need additional features.


The range of VPSs from Accu Web Hosting aims to improve website performance by giving you dedicated RAM and CPU resources.

Starting prices are low - just $ 5 per month (yes, monthly - no long-term contracts required), but that's because the basic plan is relatively ineffective: self-management, 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of storage, and only 150 GB of traffic (even the simplest A2 Shared hosting plan gives you 500GB.)

Its Saturn VPN Managed SSD plan gives you 4GB of RAM, four processor cores, 50GB of storage, and 650GB of bandwidth for just $ 48 per month on an annual plan.

Comparing plans with other hosts is tricky as there are so many factors to consider, but for one example, the Enhanced VPS Bluehost includes a similar 4GB RAM, dual CPU cores, 60GB storage, and a low bandwidth of 2TB. Its starting price is marginally lower at $ 29.99 for all plan options, but doubles on renewal to $ 59.99. If you need extra bandwidth, Bluehost will do the trick; if CPU core count and long-term cost are a priority, Accu Web may be the best fit. 

Dedicated Accu Web plans are so customizable that there is no place to start here, but essentially you can pick a datacenter and then choose from a large number of core servers, each supporting RAID card addition, control panel, SQL Server (Express, Web, Standard, and Enterprise editions), mail server, CDP backup plan, firewall, IPv6 address, and more.


The bandwidth allocation is great: even the cheapest server in the US gives you 20TB, and prices start at $ 118. 

Be careful though: specs and pricing vary greatly depending on the datacenter you choose (there are only a few servers in Singapore, and even $ 500 per month systems only give you 10 TB of traffic per month, although you can add more). Server product pages carefully check if they are right for you.

By subscribing

The Accu Web Hosting website has some very detailed comparison tables of the various plans that can come in handy when you are trying to pick what works best for you.

Most of these tables also show prices for subscriptions of varying lengths. If you've taken the time to buy hosting, you know that many providers bury these important details, so it's nice to see that Accu Web is more open with its customers.

We chose the cheapest shared hosting plan and were offered a small selection of additional services: premium SSL certificate for $ 49.99 per year, CDN support for $ 3.95 per month and SpamExperts-based spam filtering to protect up to 100 mailboxes for $ 5.85 per quarter ($ 1.95 per month.)

Setting up an account is a bit safer than usual (or more hassle, depending on your point of view). In addition to asking for your name, physical address, email address, and mobile phone number, the company verifies your identity by sending you a text message. with a one-time password.

Accu Web Hosting supports card payments and PayPal. We paid with PayPal in the usual way, and while we were doing this, a text message came with our password.

After verification, Accu Web Hosting quickly set up and activated our account and within 15 minutes a welcome email arrived with logins, FTP credentials, nameservers and all other details you might want to know.

Website creation

Logging into Accu Web Hosting brought us to the familiar WHMCS-based account control panel used by most small web hosts. It doesn't have much visual appeal, but it does include all the accounts, products, and support features you need, and if you've used multiple other hosts, you'll probably recognize it right away.

A couple of clicks will take you to a fully functional cPanel Accu Web setup, where you will find several tools to help you create your site.

Softaculous helps you easily install WordPress, MediaWiki, PrestaShop and hundreds of other web applications.

RV sitebuilder is a simple drag and drop site builder. It doesn't have many templates, but it does have a lot of widgets and editing options, and we're glad it's included in the Accu Web plans.

The standard cPanel file manager lets you create and organize folders, upload and edit files, and generally tidy up your web space.

It also has all the usual website management features, including tools for working with domains and subdomains, creating databases, creating and managing email accounts, and, when you're set up and running, get detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. site.

All websites run into problems from time to time, regardless of your host, but Accu Web Hosting has more ways to help than most: chat, email, phone, web knowledge base, and some busy social media sites.

There is a huge amount of content available in the knowledge base alone: ​​28 articles on CDN hosting, 39 articles on email client settings, even 63 Plesk tutorials. The articles help cover hands-on tasks (“How to Install a WordPress Theme”) as well as installation and troubleshooting, making the support site a really useful resource.


Web hosting speed matters even if you are buying the most basic shared hosting. Your website visitors may not stay if they are regularly kept waiting by a sluggish server. 

To evaluate the performance of Accu Web Hosting, we registered a very basic shared hosting account and loaded a very basic website.

We then used to test the availability and response time of our test site at five-minute intervals over a 7-day period (that's over 2000 individual checks).

The results showed that our site was 100% up and running without any glitches. This is what we would expect from a short term test, but some hosts fail to handle it.


Response times averaged 285ms, which is almost identical to the 289ms we saw in our last review, which is in the middle range of what we would expect from a basic shared hosting package. (And remember, this is what we're testing. These results don't tell us anything about what you might see in other Accu Web Hosting products.)

Accu Web Hosting has also been praised for its consistency. Results ranged from 248 to 485ms, but there are only a few readings above 400ms, and our site has mostly returned results in the very acceptable range of 250-300ms.

Final verdict

No marketing gimmicks, no misleading headline prices, no “unlimited” accounts that actually don't exist - Accu Web Hosting offers a wide range of quality products, highly customizable at a fair price, honestly described, and with quality support. Go take a look.

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