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Co Atoll Discussion Board . is a leading supplier of inflatable surfboards, iSUP paddles, SUP accessories, stylish clothing and headwear.

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Atoll Board – $100 off the Purchase of 2 Boards! Use promo
Free Shipping on all U.S. orders! Discounts available for Military, 1st Responders, and Healthcare Workers! WARRANTY + CUSTOMER SERVICE Atoll proudly stands behind all of our products with a 60 ...
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Atoll Board is a leading supplier of inflatable surfboards, paddles, accessories and apparel at competitive prices. Based in Huntington Beach, California, Team Atoll has its roots in Southern California's surf culture combined with a love of Mother Nature. This powerful synergy has made the Atoll Board Company one of the most popular inflatable rowing boards on the market.

The iSUP Atoll (Inflatable Paddleboard) is 11 feet long and is the perfect one-size-fits-all board for everyone from kids to adults. Atoll Board Co's 11ft inflatable paddle board allows every water lover to engage in a variety of activities. Regardless of your region, the portability and versatility of the Atoll iSUP is ready for lakes, rivers, oceans, fishing, relaxation or even SUP yoga. Atoll's dedicated team has brought a SUP in one size to suit everyone.


Based in Huntington Beach, California, Atoll Board is one of the leading SUP manufacturers with their high performance 11 '' inflatable paddle boards. Since their inception, Atoll SUPs have received over 1200 five-star reviews, making them the top rated SUP company you can trust. Their boards are consistently light, strong, stable and easy to paddle, so beginners and experienced paddlers alike can love the SUP. The atoll creates their boards to represent SUP water sports in general, ensuring you can have fun on lakes, rivers and the ocean while racing, cruising or even doing yoga on their boards.

Atoll 11 'comes with a 60-day and 2-year warranty with free shipping to US customers and paid shipping options for international customers. Discounts for military, first responders, and healthcare also receive exclusive discounts on all boards, accessories, and other items. Atoll is also an easy-to-reach company with a great staff that responds quickly to questions and a design team that takes into account the feedback they receive to improve their advice year after year. After improving on almost every negative we had in last year's review of their SUP, we can't wait to see Atoll make their paddleboard even better!

From 10% to 20%
For  military  members,  Atoll  Boards offers a 10% to 20% special  discount once you are proven eligible.
What is the difference between an inflatable paddle board and a regular paddle board?
If we  compare an inflatable  and a hard  board  with the same footprint, then the  inflatable  can have up to 20% more volume, which makes it much more stable and supports more rider and passenger weight. With the  rise in performance,  inflatable boats are increasingly used in competition and by occasional  SUP  riders .
What size paddle board is right for me?
The most popular  board SUP  for general use have a length of 10-11 feet   and a width of 32 to 34 inches. If stability is important to you, you should look for a  board  that is 33-34 inches wide. You can go wider, but you end up with a  board  that is slower and less fun to  row .
Are cheap surfboards good?
While  cheap paddle boards  may seem attractive at first glance, due to the poor quality of materials and construction, they are not only much inferior in their characteristics to more expensive counterparts, but also much less durable.
Should you buy surfboards?
Verdict: Inflating inflatable boats is very difficult and time-consuming. You will get tired even before you start  paddling . Rigid  boards are  always ready to go. If you value convenience and want more paddling time   than pumping, inflatable  boards are  NOT  worth it .
Do you know how to surf an inflatable SUP?
We have  asked a lot over the years whether the  inflatable  stand up  can be  used for  surfing and if they are rigid and responsive enough to ride the waves. The answer is yes.
How much should I spend on a paddle board?
You can find inflatable SUPs for as cheap as $ 180 and high grade epoxy SUPs giving for as  much as $ 2000. If you are just looking for a reliable and durable SUP  for your summer vacation  , you should expect  to spend  between 700 and 1100 dollars for an epoxy or inflatable  SUP .
How long do hard surfboards last?
There  are  many factors that determine the answer to this question, but the most simple  in  the fact that the majority of Inflatable  last at least 5 years. When you take good care of your  paddleboard , it  will last for  years .
Is soup harder than surfing?
Paddleboarding is easier  than surfing  as paddleboarding can be done on calm, flat water without wind, where only a basic level of balance and reactive skills are required. On the other hand, surfing requires more balance, coordination and reactive skills  than SUP .

Atoll Bord Co., Ltd.

111 Google reviews
Sporting goods store in Huntington Beach, California
Location:  South Center Huntington.

Address:  9121 Atlanta Ave # 213, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, USA


Closed ⋅ Opens at 8:00 Mon.

Independence Day may affect these hours
Phone:  +1 877-698-8581
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